Guzinta Technology Group Architects and Builds Custom Technology Solutions

Beacon One

GTG's Beacon One Loan servicing program; a fully integrated user friendly Loan tracking and payment processing system. The feature rich software handles serveral loan types including; Interest baring, Interest Only, Regular Amortization, Simple Interest, Adjustable Rate, Balloon, Deferred Accounts, Standard Mortgage, Zero Interest, Short Term, etc. continue


The Solar ONLINE event monitoring service enhances the way you use your current security resources. SOLAR enables your business to be the "first to know" what is being recorded. You no longer have to wait for weekly, monthly or staff reports to review events throughout your entire organization. continue

Dstor 1800 i

GTG's Dstor 1800 i Image Server is the first product offering that incorporates the process of Electronically securing, scanning, Indexing, Archiving, Retrieving and auto restoring Mortgage, financial, legal, and medical related files with the integration of ulimited disk based networked storage. continue


Whether your enterprise consists of a multi -company, multi-location server based environment or just a single user workstation; our innovative program delivers a user friendly, flexible and cost efficient solution. Guzinta Technology Group has architected and built this world class state of the art system for Process Server businesses that want a more manageable way to conduct, track, invoice and report their internal operations. continue