Solar Security Online Activity Reporting Central Station Command Center

Guzinta Technology Group is the leader in providing integrated security solutions to businesses, government and educational institutions. Our global security applications and instruments provide a unique web-based state-of-the-art system to assist corporate and security IT managers in identifying visually their facilities/premises in real time. This comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates existing security infrastructures and new installations into a user-friendly environment.

Benefits of SOLAR

The SOLAR online event monitoring service enhances the way you use your current security resources. Solar enables your business to be the “first to know” what is being recorded. You no longer have to wait for weekly, monthly or staff reports to review events throughout your entire organization. This system allows you to further utilize your security assets by centralizing information. Information can be processed from many applications across departments including Human Resources, Internal Security, Plant management, Payroll and others.

SOLAR Enterprise Security Suite

The Solar Enterprise Security Server enables your company to view all your security events, alarms, and video at all your company’s locations through your existing Internet acess or Web browser. You are able to view all the security events such as scheduled and non-scheduled openings and closings, burglary, fire, access points and video capture. Solar has hooks into Guzinta’s Secure Trak System for Asset/vehicle management as well.

SOLAR Product Suite:

Solar 2000A Enterprise Security Server Appliance Solar License Pak-10 System
Solar Security Management Console Software Solar License Pak-25 System
Solar Signal Processor Install and Training (up to 5 users)
Solar License Pak-Single System Software Maintenance (annual)
Solar License Pak- 5 System Hardware Maintenance

Service Contracts:

3 year or 5 Year

OEM Products:

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Interior and Exterior Cameras
Wireless Cameras and Access Points
Intrusion Detection Systems
Card Access