Dstor 1800i Image Server Appliance

Guzinta’s enabling architecture offers benefits beyond accessing your information.  The  ability to store vast amounts of office documents without investing in expensive hardware or additional personnel enables organizations to realize immediate and significant savings on capital and operating expenditures. In fact, companies can achieve a  70% or greater savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) with Guzinta solutions. Since our solutions are based on an “appliance plug-and-play” technology with little integration, IT requires no application development and uses low cost components that are optimized for specific types of applications.

The Dstor 1800i is the latest technology platform for companies interested in simplifying the conversion of paper documents into searchable electronic files.  This system provides simple and complete paper and electronic document CAPTURE, SCANNING, ARCHIVING, MANIPULATION, and RETRIEVING. These electronic files are easily located by searching document specific descriptions or by using a combination of keywords and can be stored in standard Microsoft folders. This “turnkey integrated” solution includes all software, scanning and storage platforms and devices. Dstor solutions can accommodate the smallest workgroup to the largest enterprise.

Our World Class State of the Art Document and Image Storage Management Systems are designed and built by industry experts on an application specific solution set to insure that the client implements the best of breed technologies and services at the most economical cost. Since Guzinta utilizies industry standard components and platforms, our products and services provide the client with solutions that are flexible and scaleable so each client has total control over the future growth and costs associated with that growth. Guzinta's custom built solutions allow for the most highly secured environment for document/data capture, storage, management, communication and retrievable of a company's business critical information.

Our company philosophy on digital storage solutions is based on our three ABC's - Access, Bandwidth and Capacity. Since introducing our DSTOR 1800i Image Server Appliance; Guzinta now leads the emerging CONTENT ADDRESSABLE STORAGE ILM MARKET. Our World Class Engineering Talent recognized the need for efficient and secure storage and created a customizable architecture that is protected by many pending patents.

Guzinta partners with value added resellers and independent software vendors to create compelling archival storage solutions for customers looking to solve their information and compliance challenges.

How can the Dstor help you?

Enable businesses to reduce administrative and supply costs

Become more efficient by simplifying the way documents are handled

Add professionalism to the delivery of  your documents

Assure better quality and service from within the organization

Help conform to industry regulations - records retention for regulatory compliance such as HIPAA in healthcare, 21 CFR in life sciences and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for all public companies

Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) - Archival of reference information for data intensive applications such as E-mail, financial statements and reports, CAD/CAM drawings, media files and other electronic business documents

Allow for online backup and recovery in case of failure/disaster

MODEL 1800i 1U - 5U Rack Mount

Storage Hard Drives IDE, ATA, SCSI, FC

Capacity 2TB or > per appliance

OS Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Novell



Jumbo Frames

Event Manager

Volume Virtualization

SNMP Agent

Embedded HTTPS

Integrated IP and SAN FC Switching

Processor(S) Intel Xeon

Memory 1 or> GB ECC SDRAM

Power Supply Single (500W)

Controller 10/100/1000/10000 - iSCSI - FC HBA

RAID Level 0, 1, 3, 5 (tailored to clients needs)

Options - Redundant Power Supply, Processor, Controller, DVD/RW