Enterprise Security

Guzinta provides solutions that allow for a comprehensive view into your enterprise from anywhere in the world. Our custom built global security applications provides web based state of the art tools to assist corporate /educational and government IT managers in identifying problematic situations and/or occupants before they become disruptive and potentially dangerous. Our technologies provide means for occupants to monitor the behavior of each other in a confidential environment. Our objective is to deliver to our clients security systems that are tailored to their needs. Guzinta seamlessly integrates security infrastructure like Authentication Systems, Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, Access Control Systems, Digital Video Recording Systems, CCTV and SOLAR™ online event monitoring service.

Guzinta Technology Group provides award winning Internet security solutions that include high performance all in one appliances for synchronized authentication to securely access virtual private networks, corporate firewalls global secure management systems, Corporate E-mail/ anti-SPAM and online transaction security networks.

In order for Guzinta Technology Group to provide strong network security initiatives, we rely upon best of breed off the shelf technologies and the competencies of our internal developers to deliver professionally packaged security investments. Guzinta Technology Group provide organizations worldwide protection of their valuable resources. Our systems are easy to use and manage and result in immediate ROI initiatives. Our complete line of security applications including but not limited to network based Anti-Virus solutions, virtual private networking, strong authentication, content filtering and vulnerability assessments guarantees for a complete Internet based and enterprise wide security solution.

Guzinta Technology Group delivers comprehensive professional services that include consulting, maintenance, training and 24x7 follow the sun technical support.